As crazy as this world is today, we still believe there is hope for the hopeless, strength for the weary, healing for those who hurt, and grace for those who have failed.  


We believe these things because we have found them in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. As a result, we're committed to pursuing a life that follows His example. 

That commitment leads us to extend a helping hand to those in need, build new relationships without prejudice, and serve generously without expectations.

We desire authentic relationships with God and each other. We want to be the people we were created to be - as parents, spouses, neighbors, students, employees, business owners, public servants, and simply as friends.

We understand that everyone's journey and circumstances are unique.  At times, we all have questions, and we look for direction in our lives. 

We pray that the information you find here will be helpful, and that God will bless you today!

 - Jon Grimshaw, Pastor

Lakeview Community Church



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